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We attempt as best as we can to keep the list of dogs available for adoption current however there is always a possibility that some dogs will be coming available in a short time.  If you have a certain request for a dog you have seen or a certain temperament or age you are interested in, please send us a quick email to see if there is possibly one coming up for adoption.  You can do this on our contact page.


Nova is a small energetic girl who is best suited for an experienced home with one or two other dogs but preferably not a large pack.  She is loving and playful but can be dominant and mischievious at times which is why she will need to go to an experienced home as she can be a bit of an instigator.  


Melina arrived at the finca a fragile, broken, tiny galga who was beaten and full of wounds and holes.  She was panicked and stricken by life and all that was surrounding her.  These days she is healthy, shiny, playful and curious.  Work now needs to begin on her socialization and acceptance of life as a pet.  This will take time but she is learning the best way she can and at her own pace.  Melina is reserved to come to Canada and hopefully will arrive this summer on the flight with Charlotte and Dione.  We will post updates on her as she progresses.


Galina is a fuzzy faced two year old galga who came to the finca from a local hunter.  Her babies had died and she tried to nurse another litter unsuccesfully and so was deamed worthless.  She is a treasure to us and has been reserved to come to Canada mid August.  She is a happy social little girl who can be cat tested on request.


Zinc is a handsome gentle people oriented young boy who was found abandoned on the streets emaciated with a skin condition.  He will do best in a home with one or possibly two other dogs but not a large pack.  He prefers the company of people.  Zinc will arrive mid August and is available for adoption to the right home.